Learning Resources

Learning Resources

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Official Exam Preparation Resources

After completing their registration, AiE™ candidates receive a selection of books that will serve as prerequisite reading for the AiE™ certification exam.

The ARTiBA learning deck provided to candidates is structured around the AMDEX™ knowledge framework, covering all contemporary and emerging concepts and frameworks of artificial intelligence and machine learning; programming tools and languages; tools and platforms for developing Ai solution models; neural networks; natural language programming; and different types of machine learning.

The official resources provided to registered AiE™ candidates include:

  • A copy of the Ai Engineer’s Handbook
  • Practice tests for AiE™ exam on candidate's myARTiBA dashboard
  • AiE™ Candidate Guide

Complementary Online Resources

Online resources are available from independent third-party publishers and content providers for practice, research, and education.

The cost of cloud hosting and access to the digital LMS is included in the AiE™ fee package, however, using these resources is not mandatory to prepare for the AiE™ exam. ARTiBA learning resources are only intended to be delivered directly to candidates who have officially registered in the AiE™ certification program.


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