Exam Scheduling Policy

Exam Scheduling

From the registration confirmation date, you have 180 days to prepare for and take your AiE™ exam. It is the responsibility of the candidate to schedule the exam in time to ensure they get access to preferable exam windows.

The resources included in the AiE™ Learning Deck should help you brace up nicely for your AiE™ exam. Once you have scheduled your exam, you will receive an email confirming the date and time of your scheduled exam. It is your responsibility to ensure you select the correct time zone. To avoid confusion, we recommend you check the UTC/GMT while making the selection from the dropdown.

Exam Rescheduling

The option to reschedule your exam is available on your myARTiBA dashboard. You can reschedule your exam without any additional fee 72 hours prior to your scheduled examination. To reschedule your exam within the 72 hours window prior to your scheduled exam, you will be required to pay USD 50 from your myARTiBA dashboard.

Exam Cancellation

If you need to cancel your ARTiBA exam, you can easily initiate the process from your myARTiBA dashboard. However, please note that if you cancel your exam at any point, you will be required to pay a nominal fee of USD 50 to schedule the exam for a later date. Instead of canceling your exam, we recommend that you reschedule it from your myARTiBA dashboard if that option is available.

Reappearing for the Exam

In the event you do not attend your scheduled exam or fail your attempt to pass it, you can apply to reappear for your exam by paying a nominal fee of USD 50 from your myARTiBA dashboard.

Please note that you can apply to reappear any time after your examination result gets published on your myARTiBA dashboard.

Failure to Schedule the Exam

ARTiBA gives you 180 days to take your AiE™ exam. If you fail to schedule your exam within the given period, your examination window will expire.

To schedule your exam after the expiry of the given period, you will be required to pay a nominal fee of USD 50 from your myARTiBA dashboard.


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