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AI certification training

Become a Training Partner!

Through our Training Provider partnership program, we seek to build a worldwide network of Registered Training Providers (RTPs) with specialist capabilities of handling Artificial Intelligence & business training, backed by the robust ARTiBA credentialing mechanism.

Now you can also partner with ARTiBA to obtain the unbeatable ARTiBA-edge by adding an ARTiBA certification preparatory training to your portfolio. An ARTiBA partnership facilitates for you a rapid access to world-class knowledge, systems, and expertise in everything related to Ai – from Tensor Network Theory to Markov Decision Process and Recursive Neural Network; helping you expand fast, increase your topline, and improve your business profitability.

Give the Global Edge to your Students

Becoming an ARTiBA Registered Training Provider opens up a whole new world of opportunities for your organization and students.

Five Simple Steps

Essentially, the ARTiBA partner appointment process crosses through the following five steps:

  • 01

    COMMENCEMENT: The potential partner starts the application process by filling out the online application accessible on the ARTiBA website. Once the online application is received, it is processed and forwarded to the ARTiBA Partner Validation Group. This process takes 2-5 business days at most.

  • 02

    VALIDATION: After receiving the application online, the Partner Validation Group will review it and send a Clarification request to the potential partner (if necessary). This process will take 5-7 business days.

  • 03

    CLARIFICATION: The potential partner finalizes the application procedure after exchanging clarifications with the Partner Validation Group.

  • 04

    DECISION: Upon receiving the clarification from the potential partner, the partnering decision and related information are communicated within 3-5 business days.

  • 05

    FORMALIZATION: A formal appointment is made and related documentation is completed. The new partner also finishes the formalities of procuring ARTiBA Certification Units and pay a nominal application processing fee and/or license fee (if applicable).

Note: Certain categories of partners are pre-approved, so the decision to partner and other formalities are communicated much faster.

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