Identification Policy

ARTiBA requires that every AiE™ candidate have acceptable and valid ID proofs to register and sit for the exam. The acceptable forms of identification are listed below.

Essential ID requirements:

  1. The examinee's first and last names entered during registration must exactly match the first and last names on both of the IDs submitted on exam day.
  2. Two original (no photocopies) and valid (unexpired) identification documents are required. One form serves as a primary ID (government issued with name, recent recognizable photo, and signature) and the other serves as a secondary ID (with name and signature, or name and recent recognizable photo).

Acceptable IDs

  • Primary ID
    The primary ID must be original and valid, containing both, the examinee’s photo, and signature.

    • Government-issued driver's license
    • Passport
    • Military ID
    • State/country ID card
    • Employee/school ID

  • Secondary ID
    The secondary ID must be original and valid, containing the examinee’s name and signature, or the examinee’s name and a recent photo.

Please note that the examinee can carry two primary IDs or one primary and one secondary ID. If you have any questions about your identification documents, please get in touch with us.


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