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Partial list of Accredited and Recognized Institutions*

(Updated till 30th October 2020)

  • University OF UTAH
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • nc state university
  • arizona state university
  • michigan state university
  • Northwestern
  • UMass Amherst
  • Yale
  • Caltech
  • Duke University
  • columbia university
  • Dartmouth
  • USC University of Southern California
  • harvard university
  • Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras
  • logo
  • logo
  • university of illinois at urbana champaign
  • Georgia Institute Of Technology
  • uc santa barbara
  • Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
  • Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
  • national institute of technology calicut
  • university of michigan
  • Nit Tiruchirappalli
  • NYU
  • berkeley university of california
  • McGill
  • national institute of technology rourkela
  • national institute of technology kurukshetra
  • university of chicago
  • ucla
  • uic
  • university maryland
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • johns hopkins university
  • university of colorado boulder
  • university of florida
  • university of virginia
  • university of minnesota
  • University of Washington
  • Virginia Tech
  • Washington University in St.Louis
  • PennState
  • princeton university
  • purdue university
  • rice
  • rutgers
  • University of California, Irvine
  • the ohio state university
  • arizona
  • university of british columbia
  • UC Davis University of California
  • The University of Texas at Austin

University & Institutional Partnership

We have identified selective universities and business schools as high-potential centers of excellence in Artificial Intelligence training and certification, and ideal for nurturing Artificial Intelligence professionals of today and tomorrow.

Partner universities and business schools enjoy access to the ARTiBA learning mechanisms, credentialing apparatus, and standards which ultimately enable them to develop their undergraduate and graduate students for successful careers in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

To know more about how your institution can board the growing ARTiBA network write to us.

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Training Provider Partnership

Joining the worldwide ARTiBA Training Network can help a training company expand fast in the booming Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning training space.

Become an ARTiBA training partner and enter this lucrative training space. As an ARTiBA RTP, you can design and price your own exam-preparation and training programs for the ARTiBA certification, and charge this fee from students and participants. For training companies, the Registered Training Provider license facilitates a swift and smooth entry into this exciting space.

Write to us now to understand more on how an ARTiBA partnership can take your training business to a new level.

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Artificial Intellingence corporate partnership

Corporate Partnership

Our corporate partners are businesses who have collaborated with us to officially credit their experts as Artificial Intelligence Engineers.

The Edvantic worldwide network and ARTiBA’s entrusted credentialing architecture supports our workforce certification initiatives from the beginning to the end. Constant improvements in the program allow us to cover a wide range of employers; from startups to major corporations in the private and public sectors.

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Why Partner ARTiBA

The ARTiBA Global Partner Program opens a large set of opportunities for professionals and organizations from around the world to grow towards becoming a major presence in the rapidly developing Artificial Intelligence space. There are several business opportunities for entrepreneurs, institutions and training companies – ARTiBA partners connect with global, industrial, social, and government organizations – to reap business advantages from one of the early movers in AI certification.


An ARTiBA Partner has access to our set of resources on systems, processes, standards, capacity building, curricula, training content, books, instructors’ material, business processes, and marketing assistance.


Our network has allowed us to create a digital environment for our partners and today, ARTiBA is considered a serious brand in Artificial Intelligence thought, practice and credentialing. We facilitate visibility and recall in the context of our partners as our brand image flows into their organization vision as well. This allows them to reduce the cost of building a separate brand, and generate a significant pull within the industry.


All ARTiBA offerings are crafted to be competitive and highly advanced in nature. This means that ARTiBA partners have the first-mover profitability advantage in most markets as their offerings are positioned as premium right from the beginning. Add to this the strong ARTiBA support systems and assistance, which brings down marketing and operational costs, the costs of gestation for partners.


ARTiBA allows its partners to have exclusive and complete access to their body of knowledge, according to the partners’ needs. This repository of expertise ensures the partner’s success in wide areas of practice and applicability. This includes systems, processes, mechanisms, books, training material, and other learning aids. When partnered with ARTiBA, you start world-class and rapidly expand from there.


ARTiBA certifications and credentialing processes are all managed through the one of the world’s most advanced global delivery platform – Edvantic. Edvantic connects experts and specialists from various fields, integrating their knowledge to create a world-class Partner Assistance System and Associated Programs. The ARTiBA Assistance Program for ARTiBA partners includes active business incubation support, business & marketing strategy support, complete communication design support, and manpower preparation.


The savvy status of ARTiBA in Artificial Intelligence Credentialing allows it to lend that status to every partner organization. This advantage also means getting automatic, immediate access to the state-of-the-art in training, instruction, knowledge learning, systems, and standards; besides the latest in managing business operations. This translates into starting big, right, and ahead.


All ARTiBA partners engage in mind-share from their industry leaders across policy makers, governments, companies, and professionals. The policy of mind-share allows our partners to start out from a position of strength and engage in much lesser marketing efforts in terms of generating the first few sales. It allows even start-ups to have a head-start in this sphere.


Training, certification, education, consulting, and learning systems development in Artificial Intelligence are high-growth domains in most parts of the world, and being with ARTiBA gives our partners the quickest access to a market-share in a fast growing market. This GROWTH advantage means a long-term business prospect for an ARTiBA partner.


We provide world-class training, resources and expertise in certifications in Artificial Intelligence. This means that in their respective markets, our partners are the organizations where professionals, companies, and governments can obtain comprehensive, international Artificial Intelligence certification solutions.


The process of becoming an ARTiBA partner has been streamlined into a single-channel, 15-day affair, with quick processing and verification processes that are all managed by the expert Edvantic team worldwide.



  • You’re with a dynamic Artificial Intelligence standards and credentialing body – that rapidly expands your international visibility
  • Access to the state-of-the-art knowledge, content, and credentials in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Engineering, and Analytics
  • Getting your employees and students ARTiBA-credentialed conveniently and affordably
  • Smooth, quick, and successful entry into the lucrative Artificial Intelligence training industry
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