Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partner

The adoption trend in the global AI and augmented reality function across industries will fast exceed past technological disruptions with the creation of 58 million new jobs by 2022. ARTIBA’s methodology, aligned towards Fortune-listed corporations, makes such businesses the greatest players in a job market where the expected talent demand will far exceed the supply. Join hands with us, to train your existing set of professionals and enhance their skills with the perfect blend of product innovation and widespread employer acceptance.

Our corporate partners are businesses who have paired with us to officially credit their technology experts as Artificial Intelligence Engineers.

The CredForce worldwide network, ARTIBA’s entrusted credentialing partner, supports our workforce certification initiatives from beginning to the end. Latest improvements in the program allow us to cover a wide range of employers from burgeoning startups to large corporations and non- profits. The ARTIBA AI & ML Design & Engineering Excellence Framework (AMDEX), sets quality thresholds for technology practitioners to anticipate upcoming innovation requirements. In accordance with the ARTIBA Artificial Intelligence Body of Knowledge (AI BoK™), the specialized curriculum ensures vetting of skills and talent at early stages of recruitment alongside on-the-job training with an international certification.

Benefits of Artiba Corporate Partnership

  • Curriculum – ARTIBA partners gain from the advantage of assured returns with our custom training frameworks.
  • Books – Packt is our publishing partner, with quality learning aids catering to the needs of our corporate partners.
  • Alumni Network – Access to one-of-a-kind portal of ARTIBA graduates, makes for sharing and exchanging ideas on trend-setting insights with an alumni coverage spanning 100+ countries.
  • Co-Brand with ARTIBA – We are open to entering agreements, following negotiations, with our partners to introduce a vendor/platform specific certification. This provides for a strong incentive and for trainees and employees, who’d also add to the core competencies of the organization.

Steps to obtaining the ARTIBA Corporate Partnership

Five Simple Steps

  • 1 INITIATION – Interested prospects start the association enquiry by communicating its purpose through an online application available on the website. This application then funnels down to our Partner Validation Group. We endorse a time-frame of 2-5 workdays for this process to reach completion i.e., after the receipt of the online application. Please be informed, the Validation Group may have certain pre-approved categories of partners in which case formal obligations are expedited.
  • 2 VALIDATION – The Partner Validation Group processes the request. If need be, they may contact the prospective partners via a Clarifications request.
  • 3 CLARIFICATION – When/if, the prospective partner responds to the enquiries raised by the Validation Group, the Clarification ticket is considered ‘answered’. We ensure to send the Clarification request within 5-7 workdays, upon receiving the receipt for the online application.
  • 4 DECISION – Once the clarification request is received by our panel, we revert the decision within
    3-5 workdays.
  • 5 FORMALIZATION – The appointment is scheduled in regards to documentation of pending formalities on the part of the prospective partner. Once formalized, partners would proceed to transact for ARTIBA Certification System Units along with settling the License Fees for processing their application.

Five Simple Steps

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