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ARTiBA Corporate Partnership Program

Corporate Partnership

The adoption trend in the global Ai and augmented reality function across industries will fast exceed past technological disruptions with the creation of 97 million new jobs by 2025. ARTiBA’s methodology, aligned towards Fortune-listed corporations, makes such businesses the greatest players in a job market where the expected talent demand will far exceed the supply. Join hands with us, to train your existing set of professionals and enhance their skills with the perfect blend of product innovation and widespread employer acceptance.

Our corporate partners are businesses who have paired with us to officially credit their technology experts as Artificial Intelligence Engineers.

The Academik America worldwide network, ARTiBA’s entrusted credentialing partner, supports our workforce certification initiatives from beginning to the end. Latest improvements in the program allow us to cover a wide range of employers from burgeoning startups to large corporations and non-profits. The ARTiBA Ai & ML Design & Engineering Excellence Framework (AMDEX), sets quality thresholds for technology practitioners to anticipate upcoming innovation requirements. In accordance with the ARTiBA Artificial Intelligence Body of Knowledge (Ai-BoK™), the specialized curriculum ensures vetting of skills and talent at early stages of recruitment alongside on-the-job training with an international certification.

Key Takeaways…

  • Vendor-Neutral, Opensource Certification – AiE™ certified engineers and technologists at ARTiBA-partner organizations improve and enhance their capabilities and potential for working across multiple platforms.
  • Learning Content Support – Specialist content providers and publishers support partner organizations with latest, ready-to-read content, keeping them free of the worries of content arrangement.
  • Certification Exam-Prep Guidance and Mock Exams – Employees of ARTiBA-partner organizations get AiE™ exam-guide and also mock exams for practice
  • Streamlined Employee Certification Mechanism – ARTiBA partner organizations get discounted bulk registration facility for employees on the ARTiBA partner dashboard
  • Co-Brand with ARTiBA – In some cases, ARTiBA partner technology companies can explore the possibilities of introducing co-branded certifications exclusively for their employees.
Benefits of ARTiBA Corporate Partnership

Steps to obtaining the ARTiBA Corporate Partnership

Five Simple Steps

  • 01

    APPLICATION: The potential partner applies for partnership by filling out the online application form.

  • 02

    ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Upon receipt of the application, a confirmation email is sent to the potential partner stating that the application has been received and review is in process.

  • 03

    DISCUSSION: An ARTiBA representative connects with the potential partner to discuss the partnership opportunities. All the digital materials related to the partnership are emailed to the potential partner.

  • 04

    DECISION: After presenting the partnership opportunity to the ARTiBA Partner Board, the final decision is communicated to the potential partner.

  • 05

    FORMALIZATION: Establishing the collaboration involves sharing and submitting supporting documentation. The new partner finishes the formalities for procuring ARTiBA Certification Units for their internal team.

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