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Exam Coverage

Questions appearing in the AiE™ exam are designed to check and validate examinees' knowledge and understanding of the concepts, tools, technologies, and frameworks of artificial intelligence. This embraces major practices and trends in 21st-century Ai and ML, plus critical issues, challenges, and opportunities in the discipline today.

ARTiBA's official Artificial Intelligence Handbooks are designed around the AMDEX™ knowledge framework, covering current and emerging topics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, programming languages, tools and platforms for developing Ai solutions, neural networks, natural language programming, and other types of Ai.

The following are the knowledge dimensions covered in the AiE™ exam with their respective content coverage percentages:

Knowledge dimensions covered Percentage of questions
Essentials of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Covers topics namely, Supervised/Unsupervised Learning, Ai Ecosystem, And Ensemble Learning
Essentials of Ai And ML Programming
Covers topics namely, Building Recommender Systems, Logic Programming, Heuristic Search Techniques, Genetic Algorithms, and Building Games With Ai
Essentials of Natural Language Processing
Covers topics namely, Natural Language Processing, NLP Development & Applications, Probabilistic Reasoning for Sequential Data, Speech Recognizer and Object Detection and Tracking
Essentials of Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Covers topics namely, Neural Networks, Neural Network Applications, Reinforcement Learning, and Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks

Exam Structure

The AiE™ certification exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions with a single correct answer. Examinees do not have to answer every question before moving on or altering their answers to previously answered questions. It is therefore important to review the answers to each question before submitting the exam.

Here are some important things to know about the AiE™ exam:

Duration of the AiE™ examination 90 minutes
Location/ Venue of the exam The AiE™ exam is completely online and digitally proctored. Candidates will require their computer and ExamStrong verified environment prior to taking the exam. The certification exam is wired and walled by robust technology and process management policies. ARTiBA test-engines on ExamStrong ensure correct, cheat-deterrent, zero-lag, and examinee friendly conduct of exams.
Mode of exam online
Total number of questions 60
Types of questions Multiple-choice, single-answer questions

Exam Administration Platform

The AiE™ certification exam is conducted online and is digitally proctored through the world’s leading credentialing assessor, ExamStrong. It provides the most cutting-edge, secure, adaptable, and reliable solutions for delivering high-stakes exams. Candidates can achieve their AiE™ credential by taking the exam in a comfortable, safe, and permissive environment.

The most stringent international testing, certification, and credentialing norms have been fully included in ExamStrong's systems, processes, technologies, and policies during their design and commissioning phases. Detailed information about setting up your computer or laptop for the examination is provided in the online Proctoring Exam Guidelines section.

Exam Scheduling, Rescheduling, and Cancellation

Exam scheduling

From the day of payment, candidates will have a period of 180 days to study for, prepare for, and take the AiE™ exam. The Learning Deck includes study material that will help them prepare for the exam. Once the candidates are ready, they can conveniently schedule their exam online from their myARTiBA dashboard.

Exam rescheduling

Candidates are permitted to reschedule their certification examination at no additional cost, provided their request is submitted at least 72 hours before their exam appointment. If a rescheduling request is made within 72 hours of the originally scheduled examination, the candidate will have to pay USD 50 as an additional fee.

Candidates can log in to their myARTiBA dashboard to request a rescheduling of the examination.

Exam cancellation

Candidates must cancel the exam at least 72 hours before the scheduled examination from their myARTiBA dashboard. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the fee.

In case candidates miss the scheduled exam because of an emergency, they should contact us here.

Exam Development

AiE™ exam comprehensively checks the required skills identified by experienced practitioners in the field of Artificial Intelligence. ARTiBA employs test development professionals, exam technologists, and exam security experts to assist in all aspects of the exam development process to maintain the professional skills evaluation standards of the program.

The content for the AiE™ exam is drawn from a combination of interviews, surveys, group discussions, and contributions of professional testing experts and subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure the exams are reliable and hold every candidate to the same standard.

Exam Testing And Scoring

The candidate must score 65% or higher in order to pass the exam, exam outcome is decided using advanced statistical algorithms that account for relative scoring, and degree of difficulty parameters. The test result can be viewed immediately after submitting the exam. However, the official result is published on the candidate’s myARTiBA dashboard within 96 hours of completing the exam.

The candidate will also receive an email with the Unique Credential code to showcase the AiE™ digital badge within 3-4 days of passing the exam. The official ARTiBA credential kit will be delivered within 3-4 weeks.

Official exam results will not be communicated over the phone, by text, or by email communication.


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