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Charging up their AI with the concepts, science and technologies of an algorithm driven world- that’s what ARTiBA believes the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officers (CAIOs) should be doing to manage their products, operations, stakeholder relationships and performance more efficiently in a disruptive and volatile world.

Artificial Intelligence drives strategic thought and actions in the new millennium, separating the winners from the losers. This spells out a sharp agenda for the CAIOs too. For one, AI initiatives should not be limited to investments in technology alone. Secondly, strategy cannot be sacrificed on the altars of AI deployment. Thirdly, deploying Artificial Intelligence across business operations requires restructuring of the entire technology strategy and infrastructure in the organization, and last, professionals who are proficient in machine learning and artificial intelligence deployments should man and lead the AI functions. ARTiBA Credentials and knowledge frameworks help CAIOs embrace, integrate and execute these ideas conveniently to reinvent and re-energize the AI transformation successfully.

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Enriching Artificial Intelligence Education & Learning

Uniquely designed ARTiBA credentialing programs and initiatives for premier global universities, business schools, and AI research and training based institutions seek to build the state-of-the-art and science of Artificial Intelligence into their AI and business strategy learning curricula. In the same vein, ARTiBA Corporate Credentialing programs for large corporations help business organizations adapt the latest ARTiBA knowledge standards on Artificial Intelligence for benchmarking capabilities of their Data Science and AI implementation teams and managers. The AI BoK – aligned training curricula that universities adopt to prepare individuals for the rigorous ARTiBA certification exams expose them to the groundbreaking AMDEX – the world’s most authoritative professional knowledge framework curated after years of comprehensive global research.

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