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AiE™ Learning Support

After completing the registration, AiE™ candidates get the AiE™ Learning Deck for essential reading to help them prepare for their AiE™ certification exam. In addition, electronic material to complement learning is also provided by other 3rd-party independent content curators.

The ARTiBA official Ai Handbook provided to candidates are structured around the AMDEX™ knowledge framework, covering all contemporary and emerging concepts and frameworks of artificial intelligence and machine learning; programming tools and languages; tools and platforms for developing Ai solution models; neural networks; natural language programming; and different types of machine learning.

The official resources provided to registered AiE™ candidates include:

  • A copy of the Ai Engineer’s Handbook
  • Practice tests for AiE™ exam on candidate's myARTiBA dashboard
  • AiE™ Candidate Guide
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AiE™ Learning Support

In addition to the above, independent 3rd party publishers and content providers offer online resources for reference, practice and learning. Using these resources is optional and not essential for AiE™ exam preparation, and the AiE™ fee package covers the cost of digital LMS access and cloud hosting of such material. Please do report any instance or experience in which you were asked to pay separately for any of these study and exam-prep resources, or you observed any attempt by a person or a store or an entity to sell any of these resources. It is reiterated that these ARTiBA resources are meant to be provided directly only to individuals formally registered in the AiE™ certification program, and they are NOT for sale in the open market or available in book stores anywhere in the world.

AMDEX™ Knowledge Framework

AMDEX™ Knowledge Framework

ARTiBA’s credentialing mechanism is hinged to the ARTiBA Ai & ML Design & Engineering Excellence Framework (AMDEX™ Release: 15-1.3) and the AiE™ certification exam is aligned to the ARTiBA Artificial Intelligence Body of Knowledge (Ai-BoK™), derived from AMDEX™.

AMDEX™ Release: 15-1.3 knowledge framework is entirely research-curated professional excellence assurance model in Ai engineering today. It enunciates the architecture of essential knowledge areas for Ai engineers and technologists.

The AiE™ Exam Coverage

The current AiE™ exam marked to AMDEX™ knowledge framework (Release: 15-1.3) covers 48 themes/ topics across 4 required knowledge segments.

  • Essentials of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


    • Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem
    • Supervised Learning
    • Ensemble Learning
    • Unsupervised Learning
  • Essentials of Ai & ML Programming


    • Building Recommender Systems
    • Logic Programming
    • Heuristic Search Techniques
    • Genetic Algorithms
    • Building Games With Ai
  • Essentials of Natural Language Processing


    • Natural Language Processing
    • NLP Development & Applications
    • Probabilistic Reasoning for Sequential Data
    • Speech Recognizer
    • Object Detection and Tracking
  • Essentials of Neural Networks & Deep Learning


    • Neural Networks
    • Neural Network Applications
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks
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Online Proctored Exam

AiE™ certification exam can be taken across the globe! The exam window opens after confirmation of registration, and exam dates can be chosen online through your myARTiBA dashboard. You’ll be given 180 days to schedule your exam.

AiE™ certification exam is flexible, with provisions for public delivery of exam in certain sensitive geographies, or private delivery of exam under real-time remote monitoring and proctoring in other locations where the convenience of examinees is of extreme importance.

Wired and walled by robust technology and process management policies, ARTiBA test-engines on ExamStrong ensure correct, zero-lag, cheat-deterrent, and examinee-friendly conduct of exam.

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