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The Artificial Intelligence Board of America aims to propagate industry-leading coverage of practices and technologies in artificial intelligence, unified on a single platform.

ARTiBA is a recognized for its emphasis on platform - neutral, industry acknowledged professional credentials. Advanced knowledge frameworks empower aspiring AI professionals to enter the industry or surge forward in their organizations and transform their careers.


AI Design & Engineering Excellence – The ARTiBA Solution

Enterprise and Social AI implementation projects face severe lack of competent engineers with strong fundamental understanding of concepts like CNNs, Fuzzy Logic and Semantic Analysis, who can simultaneously create endpoint solutions. Machine learning and neural networks expertise in large scale computing environments are must have skills today. ARTiBA’s AMDEX™ framework for excellence in AI/ ML design and engineering covers every major application function, while being enterprise solution centric for the complete and proficient AI professional.

The AMDEX™ framework is an industry best-practices based solution created by the Artificial Intelligence Board of America after analyzing the design, engineering and prototyping of use cases spanning almost 70 companies across 9 countries.

Artificial Intelligence framework

The Infographic: This ARTiBA theoretical framework lists 6 chief approach-linked factors that demand the attention of AI engineers to ensure positive innovation and results oriented AI performance metrics. These 6 factors have been selected out of a list of two dozen to build the DSM hypothesis using a combination of Delphi and other qualitative and quantitative methods. The next round of validation tests for this model is expected to get underway by the middle of 2019.

The ARTiBA Impact.
Industry Recognized, Globally Validated.

Aspiring and forward thinking AI professionals of today choose the ARTiBA knowledge framework for its even as every industry continues to step into an AI driven world.

The ARTiBA-AMDEX™ Release: 15-1.3 knowledge framework is the model encompassing technologies and practices for machine learning and artificial intelligence professionals across elements of deep learning, unsupervised learning, advanced neural networks, heuristics and sophisticated self-training algorithms and structures. The ARTiBA credentialing philosophy The AIE™ credential provides insights into the aspiring AI professional’s abilities to handle AI implementation initiatives in diverse business environments because this is what separates true technology innovators from the rest.


Platform Neutrality & Cross Sectoral

Artificial Intelligence is driving the world. ARTiBA certified professionals earn prestige because their specialized credential proves they can work across industries, sectors and organizations of all types. Qualifications and credentials that are not dependent on a specific technology platform, company or sector have much wider acceptability among recruiters, and are valuable for professionals as they can be deployed across any vertical or project.

ARTiBA credentials undergo strict and regular upgradation and rationalization of standards, policies, and content to retain their key feature of industry and sector independence. The ARTiBA AMDEX™ framework along with the ARTIBA certification exam curricula are regularly adjusted and calibrated on knowledge areas, assessment mechanisms, and current global job role-needs in the AI space internationally.

Industry Independence & Cross-Sectoral Suitability
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