We have rescheduled all examination events at ARTIBA partner locations and moved them to the remotely proctored ExamStrong platform. With this move, the ARTIBA examination is now proctored 100% online. Remote proctoring will ensure safe social-distancing and help examinees take their exam from their homes. Thank you for your patience and efforts to keep one another safe during this difficult time.

Setting You Up for the Future

The ARTIBA professional credential is crafted to assess and certify the select few machine intelligence and cognitive science professionals who have proven their competencies across technology platforms and practices. The program is designed for artificial intelligence professionals from around the world for the purpose of providing excellence in Artificial Intelligence practices and strategy, with a view to provide rapid industry adoption.

Compliant to the ARTIBA AI-BoK™ Release 15-1.2 professional competence frameworks, certified professionals by the ARTIBA have proven their capabilities in being sought after for their proficiencies in multiple facets and platforms related to artificial intelligence.

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Institutional Partnerships

IT training companies, leading universities, business schools, higher education institutions, and government ICT academies –are adding to the rapidly growing ARTIBA worldwide network.

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Learning Resources

Resources exclusively available to ARTIBA credential aspirants are considered among the most exhaustive and authoritative across industries and countries. With a worldwide presence, ARTIBA and the ARTIBA AI-BoK is industry acknowledged in single-point artificial intelligence knowledge and expertise.

The ARTIBA Learning Deck and the AI-BoK together comprise the assessment preparation resource that are provided exclusively at no extra cost to aspiring ARTIBA professionals.

Learning Book

World-Leaders in Credentialing Ensure you’re
Served Best at ARTIBA !

  • Credforce
    Enjoy Your ARTIBA Journey all the Way

    CredForce is the world's first and largest credentialing services expert with a seamlessly integrated value chain. The company manages all the processes and logistics on behalf of ARTIBA and is mandated to exclusively and directly handle customers, clients, and business partners. CredForce systems, best practices, and a globally distributed network are cross-benchmarked with leading customer service standards laid down by governments and industry associations internationally.

  • Examstrong
    World Leader in Highest-Stake Certification Testing

    ARTIBA certification exams are managed by the world’s leading credentialing assessor, ExamStrong. With the largest and the technologically most advanced exam-delivery ecosystem globally, ExamStrong has become the preferred choice for high-stakes certification exams of several niches-leading international certification bodies; a few governmental standards agencies and some non-government and independent industry standards bodies running mission-critical policy programs.

  • Credbadge
    Specialist Digital Badges for Global Standards Bodies

    CredBadge is a CredForce company specializing in the function of digital credentialing. The AIE credential comes digitally badged, in addition to being carried on physical paper certificate. Replete with a secure and robust backbone, CredBadge's latest generation digital credentialing platform manages the digital badging process for ARTIBA professional credential to ensure ARTIBA certificants, the highest quality digital presence for powering their careers.

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Register yourself for an ARTIBA certification or explore ARTIBA partnering opportunities for your B-school, university or institution to amplify your students’ employability for coveted AI jobs in the industry.

  • Earn Yourself an ARTIBA Certification

    As existing systems are unsettled by transformative paradigms of the new order of Artificial Intelligence, roles have to be contemporary as well as futuristic. ARTIBA certifications consolidate the strategies for the delivery of business value.

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  • Get Your Employees Certified

    An ARTIBA credential is industry validated, placing talented aspirants, ahead of their peers to land that great AI job prospect.

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  • Get Your Students Credentialed

    ARTIBA’s curriculum builds on the strength of its research in creating industry leaders, whose vision is aligned with the needs of the present.

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  • Get your University ARTIBA-recognized

    Universities partner with ARTIBA to harness next-gen academics and establish an institutional expertise in machine learning and AI disciplines.

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  • How to Become ARTIBA Certified

    An easy to follow procedure guides you from start to finish, in the process of becoming a successful AIE.

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  • ARTIBA Certification Examination Policies

    ARTIBA’s governing principles legislate us towards acceptable standards of examination review and candidate suitability. They are a window to predetermine norms for professional behavior in course of achieving our certification.

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