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Get certified on the world’s most respected platform-neutral and use-case independent knowledge framework on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

World 5.0 @ARTiBA

World 5.0 @ARTiBA

The pace of technological change is accelerating, and using machine learning and Ai to control real-world systems requires maneuver to design expert algorithms that not only work well but also interact with the system securely and reliably.

ARTiBA standards, frameworks, and credentials have together established a robust global apparatus for creating next-generation engineering talent in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Empowering Ai Worldwide

AMDEX™ knowledge framework revolutionizes the very way the competence and proficiency of engineers and technologists need to be viewed, evaluated, and developed.

ARTiBA focuses on understanding the core generics of how machines can learn, reason, see, solve problems, perceive, and understand human language which reflects in the continuously evolving AMDEX™ knowledge framework. The AMDEX™ defines knowledge prerequisites that surpass redundancy and obsolescence at the platform, tool, or language level.

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Empowering Ai Worldwide

The Leading Qualification in Artificial Intelligence

AiE™ prepares you thoroughly for the Ai and machine learning journey today. Based on the organic and dynamic AMDEX™ knowledge framework, the AiE™ credential validates your superior knowledge of Ai engineering principles and concepts as well as agility and versatility across platforms.

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Stay Ahead of The Pack

The journey of earning an ARTiBA credential grounds you solidly in the core generics of the most advanced Ai concepts and approaches and establish you as a peer-leading Ai engineer with an express potential to transform organizations through artificial intelligence.

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    World’s Top-choice Qualification

    ARTiBA's platform-neutral and use-case independent knowledge framework makes AiE™ the world’s most complete qualification in Ai and Machine Learning.

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    Open-Source Expertise

    AiE™ is respected as the most reliable validation of Ai engineering capabilities that helps technologists and engineers versatile across platforms.

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    Widest Knowledge Coverage

    AMDEX™ framework for excellence in Ai/ ML design and engineering covers every major application function, while being enterprise solution centric for the complete and proficient Ai professional.

Leadership @ARTiBA

ARTiBA stands right alongside leaders and stakeholders and leads worldwide efforts to revolutionize the future of artificial intelligence through AMDEX™, its pioneering open-source professional standards, and multi-platform knowledge framework and build the next generation of versatile Ai talent who can work on frontier Ai & ML technologies, applications, and environments.

Leadership @ARTiBA

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