The ARTiBA Mission & Vision

ARTiBA seeks to generate value for industry stakeholders through its ongoing research and continuous development of professional knowledge and skill standards and frameworks that are independent of platforms, vendors and legacies. The ARTiBA vision is to build an Ai world with seamless and fluid technology development possibilities through its certification and accreditation solutions. The ARTiBA mission is to contribute to building of an ecosystem which creates Ai developers and engineers who are versatile across developer-platforms and can rapidly adapt to new and emerging technologies.

Leading Through Open-Source Knowledge Standards

The Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTiBA) leads worldwide efforts to revolutionize the future of artificial intelligence through AMDEX™, its pioneering open-source professional standards, and multi-platform knowledge framework; the next generation ARTiBA academic accreditation solutions and the widely respected Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AiE™) certification.

ARTiBA experts continuously explore the edge of intersections of machine learning with emergent, real-world computing, digital, cloud, internet, and communication technologies, and keep a tab on engineering and DevOps knowledge, skills, and proficiencies that the future demands. Continuous research drives the constant evolution of the AMDEX™ – the Ai & ML Design & Engineering Excellence Framework and enriches ARTiBA’s academic accreditation framework and mechanism.

The AiE™ certification is widely respected worldwide as a gold standard for Ai thought-leaders, Ai employers, industry-renowned data science experts, advanced-level IT students, and entrepreneurs alike.

Leading Through Open-Source Knowledge Standards

The Leading Qualification in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AiE™) is ARTiBA’s groundbreaking contribution to the global technology industry. Built on the vendor-neutral AMDEX™ knowledge framework, the AiE™ certification is today respected as the most reliable validation of Ai engineering capabilities that survive obsolescence and make technologists and engineers versatile across platforms.

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An Ai World Without Borders

Within a few years of the run-up to the founding of ARTiBA, multiple groups of Ai architects, senior Ai engineers, machine learning experts, and senior data scientists from Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Austin, Dalian, and Stuttgart collaborated to create the foundations of what is now matured into the AMDEX™ standards and is at the heart of ARTiBA’s premium Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AiE™) certification, available in 150+ countries.

ARTiBA is a professionally-managed and networked credentialing and standards organization committed to constantly nurturing the quality, thoroughness, independence, and precision with which ARTiBA credentials are awarded, advocated, managed, and practiced around the world. Accountability, industry–interfacing, engineering excellence, and ethical practices remain central to ARTiBA governance.

The ARTiBA Governing Council has teams of dedicated experts handling critical governance functions like ethics control, certification exams, and standards management. ARTiBA is led and managed through four apex committees reporting to the ARTiBA Governance Council. The Credentialing Research & Innovation Committee manages the AMDEX™ standards and the AiE™ credentialing system. The Certification & Designation Council looks after the processes of certification award continuation and control of designation. The Ethics Committee is the custodian of the ARTiBA ethics code and monitors reports and practices on the professional conduct of certified engineers. The Certification Exam Committee is responsible for designing, developing, and managing ARTiBA exams.

The four apex ARTiBA committees have 8 to 12 members each and are headed by experts tenured for 3 years. The committees are assisted by teams and groups of external experts, advisers, leaders, influencers, developers, and professionals. ARTiBA periodically engages external board management companies to manage the management processes of identifying and appointing/ re-appointing officeholders for various positions in ARTiBA boards, committees, and councils.

If you are interested in volunteering in ARTiBA teams of advisors, please contact us here.

An Ai World Without Borders
  • ARTiBA Credentialing Mechanism

    The AMDEX™ outlines the standards and capability validation framework that helps engineering professionals, technology users and technology creators discern right knowledge and skill themes and develop engineering capabilities around that last longer and work across widest variety of tech-development requirements. The AiE™ credentialing framework is woven around the AMDEX™ standards, ensuring assessments, certification and continuation of qualification on the highest of global standards.

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  • Careers in Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence has branched into multiple deployment areas in startups, corporations and government agencies, enabling global enterprises across industries reinvent themselves. New career opportunities in Artificial intelligence and machine learning disciplines have proliferated as every technology today requires Ai and ML infusion to become more accurate, relevant and effective. Ai engineers today are in high demand in organizations that deploy technology, as well as those that create and serve technologies to industries and businesses.

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  • Promoting Ai Instruction Excellence

    ARTiBA accreditation program for universities is the world’s first of its kind, equipping them for delivering Ai engineering education through programs aligned to the AMDEX™ standards. In tandem with the prestigious World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) and leading standards bodies in data science and blockchain, ARTiBA is transforming technology teaching and learning on campuses and enhancing career outcomes for students and alumni through subsidized and accelerated accreditation and student certification services.

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