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The Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTiBA) researches, designs and validates excellence through credible and industry acknowledged standards and certifications. The objective of ARTiBA is to serve the AI profession by providing professionals with comprehensive resources that improve their expertise in the job and keep them abreast of the latest trends in AI including Neural Networks, implementing concepts like TensorFlow, Convolutional Neural Network, Reinforcement Learning, Support Vector Machines and Deep Learning in real world industry scenarios. ARTiBA is recognized for spearheading global efforts to propagate the latest thoughts, functions, and practices of Artificial Intelligence.

The Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AIE) credential stands for the present and aspiring Artificial Intelligence professionals as an industry recognized qualification across the world. This credential is centered around the ARTiBA AMDEX – the AI & ML Design & Engineering Excellence Framework - a powerful knowledge model for excellence in enterprise-level Artificial Intelligence practice.

The ARTiBA certification is now available globally, experiencing rapid international acceptance and respect among AI employers, industry renowned data science experts, advanced level IT students and entrepreneurs alike. ARTiBA's focus is on helping create AI thought leaders of the future – those who will lead the next wave of mainstream AI adoption.

Enabling Artificial Intelligence Excellence


The current ARTiBA offering contains credentials for career-starters and young professionals looking to build a specialized career in the AI and ML domain.

The AIE credential proves the superior expertise of certified individuals to understand business and organizational challenges and implement practical Artificial Intelligence initiatives.

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  • ARTiBA Credentialing Framework

    The ARTiBA AMDEX outlines the standards that are helping emerging Artificial Intelligence roles and jobs mature into compact, well–defined AI functions around the world. The ARTiBA AMDEX establishes a system of accurate capability assessment.

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  • Careers in Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence has branched into multiple deployment areas in the last ten years, enabling global enterprises reinvent themselves across startups, corporations and government agencies. Though, at their core, every Artificial Intelligence Profession retains their objective focus on solution implementation.

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  • Leading-Edge Qualifications

    ARTiBA Credentials are classed as leading-edge qualifications because of their 360-degree validation of Artificial Intelligence knowledge, moving beyond just Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning. Being industry acknowledged, these credentials are designed to provide the much needed advantage among your peers.

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