The ARTiBA Governing Council has teams of dedicated experts handling critical governance functions like ethics control, certification exams, and standards management. ARTiBA is led and managed through four apex committees reporting to the ARTiBA Governance Council. The Credentialing Research & Innovation Committee manages the AMDEX™ standards and the AiE™ credentialing system. The Certification & Designation Council looks after the processes of certification award continuation and control of designation. The Ethics Committee is the custodian of the ARTiBA ethics code and monitors reports and practices on professional conduct of certified engineers. The Certification Exam Committee is responsible of design, development and management of ARTiBA exams.

The four apex ARTiBA committees have 8 to 12 members each and are headed by experts tenured for 3 years. The committees are assisted by teams and groups of external experts, advisers, leaders, influencers, developers and professionals. ARTiBA periodically engages external board management companies to manage the manage processes of identifying and appointing/ re-appointing office-holders for various positions in ARTiBA boards, committees, and councils.

If you are interested in volunteering in ARTiBA teams of advisors, please contact us.

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