Dialogues at Neurocon

The Groundbreaking Neurocon Mission

ARTiBA’s Neurocons are aimed at providing a single unified platform for Artificial Intelligence thought leaders, marketing experts, data scientists, and business leaders to exchange their thoughts and ideas on the latest in the Ai-world. These events also include inspiring exchanges on what the future may hold in terms of product, brands, and customer base of the global Ai and ML marketplace.

Neurocon in Universities

Awareness programs for the aspiring Ai-professionals of tomorrow, the ARTiBA Neurocon in universities are centered around the career prospects and the related know-how in this vibrant and exciting industry.

Besides the obvious benefits, Neurocon are also events where the ARTiBA scholarships are announced.

Neurocon in Universities

ARTiBA Neurocon – Some Themes

The following are some of the themes ARTiBA Neurocon in universities are woven around:

  • Planning Your Future: A Career in Artificial Intelligence
  • The Science Behind a Great Ai And ML Career
  • Productization of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Managing The Changeover to Artificial Intelligence – Challenges & Prospects
  • Inside & Beyond Artificial Intelligence – How Big Is the Promise?
  • Artificial Intelligence Careers for Business & Management Students
  • Artificial Intelligence Careers for Technology Students
  • Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence Engineering
  • Women In Ai: A Dive into An Inspiring and Challenging Journey
  • Quantum Brain: The Hidden Answers to The Open Questions In Ai

You can also tell us if there’s something special you want to cover. We’re always listening.

Write to us now if you are interested in organizing a Neurocon at your university or institution.

ARTiBA Neurocon for Industry

ARTiBA Neurocon for Industry

Produced and presented specifically on-demand from business owners and corporations, Neurocons for industry address specific aspects of Artificial Intelligence scenarios worldwide including competitiveness, entrepreneurship, and startups in the Artificial Intelligence segment, Artificial Intelligence talent training and development issues, and a whole lot more.

It also includes presentations on how Artificial Intelligence companies can explore new and exciting ARTiBA incentives and corporate programs.

ARTiBA Neurocon for Industry Stakeholders – Some Themes

The following are some of the themes ARTiBA Neurocon for industry stakeholders are woven around:

  • Maximizing The Value of Data With Ai
  • Enhanced Role of Ai And ML Methods in Identifying Business Risk
  • Ai For Decision Making: Strategies and Applications
  • Ai & Cloud Computing: Designed to Scale
  • The Rise of MLOps
  • Augmented Intelligence: The Future of Decision Making
  • The Future of Chatbots & Conversational Ai
  • Ethical Ai from Policy to Practice
  • Ai Entrepreneurship – Is being a Geek Enough?
  • Building the Artificial Intelligence Talent Pool

Write to us now if you want a Neurocon organized for your local Artificial Intelligence industry stakeholders and entrepreneurs.


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