Exam Conduct Policy

ARTiBA policies maintain the rigor and integrity of the AiE™ exam. The examination procedures are built around the principle that every decision made by ARTiBA must be based upon the highest standards of ethical conduct. ARTiBA has deployed several security measures that allows examinees to take the exam online while maintaining the reliability of the examination leaving no room for misconduct.

The following are some of the most important policy areas for examinees to make note of.

Important points to know

  1. 01The lighting in the examination room you choose is bright enough to be considered “daylight” quality.
  2. 02Ensure to complete a 360-degree room scan. This may also occur during your exam if the proctor is concerned something new has been introduced to the exam room or space.
  3. 03Ensure to have one original and valid ID proofs on your person that must be displayed and photographed as part of the exam check-in.
  4. 04Ensure your device is connected to power to ensure that there is no disruption during the exam in case of an outage.
  5. 05Ensure that the webcam (in-built or external) is functional and you are visible on the screen during the exam.
  6. 06Make sure to not change the location while giving the exam.
  7. 07No breaks are allowed once you start the exam. You cannot leave the screen while taking the exam either.
  8. 08Use the chat box if you need assistance during the exam. The proctor will only assist you with platform-related queries or assistance you may need.

What to avoid doing during the exam

The examinees will be supervised by a proctor from the time they check-in until they complete the exam. During this time, the examinee is not permitted to:

  • Have anybody else in the exam area till you complete the exam.
  • Have any kind of writing on the desk or walls around.
  • Communicate with anyone about the content of the exam during the session.
  • Record or reproduce the exam content in any form, by any means (written, verbal, or electronically) to any entity or person at any time.
  • Leave the exam space for any reason.
  • Use digital assistants, notes, books, electronic dictionaries, or other aids/devices.
  • Wear headphones, earbuds, or any type of earpiece or headset.
  • Have access to hand-held computers, mobile phones or other electronic devices, watches, wallets, pagers, purses, hats), bags, coats, books, notes, or any other materials.
  • Use programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any other website other than the exam window, including other content on ARTiBA.org. Do note, the exam will get terminated if you switch to another tab or browser window while your exam is in process.
  • Be logged in to any external applications or mailboxes. Any notification or pop-ups will also lead to the automatic termination of the exam.
  • Have more than one monitor or display on your system. For instance, if examinees often use a laptop with a linked monitor, they need to unplug it and just use the laptop screen.

The proctor has the authority to dismiss the examinee from the exam if any of the aforementioned actions are performed during the exam. The proctor’s decision in case of any dismissal or termination of the exam will be final and binding.


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