Quantum Computing: Feedstock For Artificial Intelligence

Quantum Computing: Feedstock For Artificial Intelligence
Feb 06, 2020

Being considered as a game-changer in the market, quantum computing along with AI is already reshaping the world. According to multiple analysts, it is believed that quantum computing has reached a tipping point, as such where the computers will possess the potentiality to create the world’s fastest supercomputer and make it appear like an abacus.

“In less than 10 years, quantum computers will begin to outperform everyday computers, leading to breakthroughs in AI. The very fast computing power given by QC has the potential to disrupt traditional businesses.”

~ Jeremy O’Brien, Physicist and Professorial Research Fellow at the University of Bristol

Quantum computing and AI projects to alter the future for humans

While companies are heavily contesting in gaining quantum supremacy, let us look closely at how AI in unity with quantum computing could become the quantum powerhouse.

Spot patterns in large data sets

Quantum computing is poised to spot patterns even from unsorted data and anomalies at a rapid pace. Much likely, they might even develop a speed to access all the data in your system and at the same time be able to spot similarities in a smidge of seconds.

Although this might seem theoretically possible, this happens only when there’s a parallel computer to go through every record one after another wasting a huge amount of time. Moreover, with the size of the present time’s data, it is likely impossible to happen.

Optimize solutions

With humongous data created daily, it becomes crucial for the business to start developing new approaches in handling data. Quantum computing is of huge aid where they can equip themselves in solving sequential problems.

The power these computers provide might just be the right element to convince other companies to invest in new technologies such as quantum computing to have the best solution provider.

Integration of data from different datasets

Breakthroughs are expected from quantum computers only when the integration of different datasets is available. Initially, it is going to be tough without human intervention, however, involving a human will only help computers learn how to integrate data for future purposes.

For instance, if there’s a raw data source having unique schema that needs to be compared by the research team, the computer will need to first understand the relationship of these schemas before coming to conclusion or before comparing the data. This is only possible by providing breakthroughs while the analysis in the semantics takes place in NLP – a major challenge in AI.

Quantum computing offers a quick analysis. Even so, as data gets integrated into large datasets, it will help transform machine learning and AI capabilities to perform efficiently.

Solving extreme complex problems

Google claims to have developed a quantum computer that has the capacity of solving problems that are 100 million times faster than any system available in modern times. Imagine how efficient will it become to process data and solve the world’s biggest problems in a jiffy. Thus, the key to a successful business will happen only when we’re able to translate complex problems into quantum language.

Quantum computing algorithms give us the privilege to boost what’s already possible through machine learning.

Quantum computing and AI will be the next indomitable sector in solving business problems!

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