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Elevating AI & ML Learning Standards

The ARTiBA accreditation helps institutions benchmark quality teaching, learning and research in AI and ML. Several Universities and Institutions that are DASCA accredited or recognized in Asia Pacific, Africa, West Asia, Americas and Oceania are currently undergoing ARTiBA accreditation. ARTiBA-accredited institutions become authorized ARTiBA educators, and a few of them are actively assisted in establishing schools of excellence in AI and ML.

Accelerated Accreditation Process

DASCA-accredited institutions offering undergraduate & graduate programs in Data Science, Computer Science, Information Technology and related disciplines on vendor-agnostic, cross-platform body of knowledge in artificial intelligence and machine learning can apply for ARTiBA accreditation. The ARTiBA accreditation process is online and completes in a few weeks. The accreditation is valid upto 5 years and extension of accreditation is based on convenient assessment of standards compliance by accredited institutions. The Academik America worldwide network manages the process of accreditation for universities and institutions around the world.

Join the League of Leading AI Educators

ARTiBA accredited institutions become Authorized Educators for industry-leading AI & ML education, training and research. Accredited Institutions can embed the standards-backed curricula in their programs. ARTiBA accredited institutions are also actively helped in introducing a range of new academic, professional and research programs. Students of ARTiBA-accredited institutions get equipped with capabilities to work across all popular, advanced, old or new AI and ML application development platforms, technologies, tools, use-cases and user-industries.

Key Takeaways

  • ARTiBA Accredited institutions become Authorized Educators
  • Equips Students & Alumni for the Best AI & ML Jobs
  • Equips Institutions for Quality Education
  • Equips Institutions for Bigger Industry Contribution
  • Subsidized ARTiBA certification fee for students & alums
  • Assistance in establishing a School of Excellence
  • Exclusive permission to offer value-added AI & ML programs embedding ARTiBA certifications

Accreditation Process

  • 01.


    If your institution has obtained DASCA accreditation, you can begin the process by applying for ARTiBA accreditation online. If your application is approved, you will receive an email with a link to create your account on PartnerDirect, the digital platform where your accreditation process will be conducted.

  • 02.


    Sign the ARTiBA contract and pay the subsidized fee for accreditation. Once you have done that, you can log in to your PartnerDirect account and begin the accreditation process. The PartnerDirect dashboard will provide you with updates and communication about the accreditation process, so remember to check it regularly.

  • 03.


    Fill out the questionnaires available on your PartnerDirect dashboard and upload the required documents. Completion of this step may take anywhere from 6 to 14 weeks depending on the accreditation track that your institution is pursuing.

  • 04.


    Your accreditation decision will be shared via email and on your PartnerDirect dashboard. The decision may take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to arrive depending on the accreditation track that your institution is pursuing.

Apply For ARTiBA Accreditation Today!

The institution accreditation program is now open for government institutions, universities & technology schools . Click here to apply.

All accreditation applications are approved only when institutions meet and qualify ARTiBA's norms on academic intent, quality, excellence and reputation. Accreditation applications are approved by ARTiBA using independent industry and market intelligence processes. Once approved, institutions are invited to start their participation in the accreditation process.

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