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Taking Ai & ML Learning To the Next Level

Ai and machine learning technologies are proliferating at a fierce pace, and the industry needs engineers who are agile across emerging technologies and can work across platforms. The ARTiBA academic partnership helps institutions inculcate and absorb an open-source orientation in Ai learning. ARTiBA partners campuses get to formally integrate the AiE™ certification into their curricula, inspiring a comprehensive improvement in the quality of teaching and learning in Ai and ML in the process.

Accelerated Boarding

Institutions offering undergraduate & graduate programs in Data Science, Computer Science, Information Technology, and related disciplines can apply for ARTiBA academic partnership and begin the process of aligning their curriculum and delivery to ARTiBA’s vendor-agnostic, cross-platform body of knowledge in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Handled independently by an external global specialist company, the ARTiBA partner appointment and boarding process is largely online and completes within a couple of weeks.

Accelerated Accreditation Process
Join the League of Leading Ai Educators

Join the League of Leading Ai Educators

ARTiBA partner institutions become Authorized Educators for delivering industry-leading Ai & ML education and training. Partner institutions are assisted in aligning their delivery and curricula to the standards-backed ARTiBA knowledge framework, and include the AiE™ certification in their programs.

ARTiBA partner institutions are also actively helped in introducing a range of new academic and professional programs in Ai and machine learning if they desire. Students of ARTiBA-partner institutions get equipped with capabilities to work across all popular, advanced, old, or new Ai and ML application development platforms, technologies, tools, use cases, and user industries.

Key Takeaways

  • ARTiBA partner institutions become Authorized Educators
  • Institutions get a mechanism to certify students before they graduate
  • Students get full content support from ARTiBA-recommended publishers
  • Equips students & alumni for a wider gamut of Ai & ML jobs
  • Equips institutions for standards-backed education
  • Subsidized ARTiBA certification fee for students & alums
  • Smoothens the journey when the institution decides to obtain ARTiBA accreditation
  • Exclusive permission to offer value-added Ai & ML programs aligned to ARTiBA standards
Key Takeaways

Academic Partnership Process

  • 01

    The partnership process starts with filling out the academic partnership program request form here. You will receive a confirmation email at the email address provided during submission, once your application is ready to be processed.

  • 02

    You may be asked to submit official documents during the initial stages of the review or at a later stage before the formal appointment process is completed.

  • 03

    The partnership is formalized, once the new partner finishes the formalities of procuring Certification Units and pays a nominal application processing fee and/or license fee (if applicable).

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