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Establish Your Superiority in Ai Engineering

AiE™ is the leading qualification for demonstrating comprehensive expertise in engineering Ai systems and applications.

Jumpstart and thrive as an expert Ai engineer. Demonstrate most credibly your capability for developing packaged Ai and machine learning applications across the entire spectrum of use-cases. Showcase your expertise in getting organizational data ready for Ai applications. Get the confidence of conceiving, building, training and running machine learning models and managing them through their life-cycle. Prove your ahead-of-the-curve knowledge in Natural Language Processing, Human Computer Interaction, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforced Learning, Cognitive Computing and Deep Learning.

Jobs and Career in AI & ML

Get The Leading Edge

Stand out in the competitive global marketplace with AiE™, get an advanced skillset and knowledge to handle the complexities of rapidly changing technologies, and prove readiness for Ai-based solutions.

Why AiE™

  • Develop expertise in popular Ai & ML technologies and problem-solving methodologie
  • Grounds you solidly in the core generics of the most advanced concepts and approaches to Ai modeling and application development
  • Prove your capability and expertise in getting organizational data ready for Ai & ML applications
  • Proves your proficiency and ability to understand how Ai and machine learning applications can solve business challenges

Leading corporations where AiE™ certified professionals work

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Candidacy & Eligibility

ARTiBA is currently offering three registration tracks for professionals who are interested in earning the Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AiE™) certification. These tracks are designed to cater to individuals with diverse backgrounds and levels of experience. You can choose the track that aligns with your work and educational background/profile to register for the AiE™ certification conveniently.

  • AiE™ Track 1

    Associate Degree

    Education: Should have completed an Associate degree/ diploma in Computer Science or any other related discipline (such as Mathematics/ Statistics etc.).

    Work Experience: Minimum 2 years in any of the computing sub-functions

  • AiE™ Track 2

    Bachelor's Degree

    Education: Should have completed or currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science/ Data Science/ any other related discipline (such as Mathematics/ Statistics, etc.) from an accredited institution.

    Work Experience: not mandatory; beginner-level programming experience is required.

  • AiE™ Track 3

    Master's Degree

    Education: Master’s degree in Computer Science/ Data Science/ any other related disciplines (such as Mathematics/ Statistics, etc.) from an accredited institution.

    Work Experience: not mandatory; working proficiency in programming is required.

essential reading

AiE™ Learning Support

After completing their registration, AiE™ candidates receive a set of books for essential reading to help them prepare for their AiE™ certification exam. In addition, third-party independent content curators supplement the learning process by providing complementary electronic materials.

The ARTiBA official Ai Handbooks provided to candidates are structured around the AMDEX™ knowledge framework, covering all contemporary and emerging concepts and frameworks of artificial intelligence and machine learning; programming tools and languages; tools and platforms for developing Ai solution models; neural networks; natural language programming; and different types of machine learning.

The official resources provided to registered AiE™ candidates include:

  • A copy of the Ai Engineer’s Handbook
  • Practice tests for AiE™ exam on candidate's myARTiBA dashboard
  • AiE™ Candidate Guide
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AI engineer certification

In addition to the above, independent third-party publishers and content providers offer online resources for reference, practice and learning. Using these resources is optional and not essential for AiE™ exam preparation, and the AiE™ fee package covers the cost of digital LMS access and cloud hosting of such material. Please do report any instance or experience in which you were asked to pay separately for any of these study and exam-prep resources, or you observed any attempt by a person or a store or an entity to sell any of these resources. It is reiterated that these ARTiBA resources are meant to be provided directly only to individuals formally registered in the AiE™ certification program, and they are NOT for sale in the open market or available in book stores anywhere in the world.

AiE™ Examination

The AiE™ certification exam, which is based on the AMDEX™ knowledge framework, covers 48 themes spread across 4 essential knowledge segments. Aspirants preparing for the exam have access to exclusive resources to aid them in their preparation. Achieving the AiE™ designation is an industry-recognized way to demonstrate one's expertise and knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence.

  • Essentials of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


    • Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem
    • Supervised Learning
    • Ensemble Learning
    • Unsupervised Learning
  • Essentials of Ai & ML Programming


    • Building Recommender Systems
    • Logic Programming
    • Heuristic Search Techniques
    • Genetic Algorithms
    • Building Games With Ai
  • Essentials of Natural Language Processing


    • Natural Language Processing
    • NLP Development & Applications
    • Probabilistic Reasoning for Sequential Data
    • Speech Recognizer
    • Object Detection and Tracking
  • Essentials of Neural Networks & Deep Learning


    • Neural Networks
    • Neural Network Applications
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks
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AiE™ - The Qualification that Matters

Aligned to the rigorously vendor-neutral and insightfully cross-platform AMDEX™ framework, the AiE™ certification positions you as an expert Ai engineer beyond the ordinary because your bases of skills and knowledge are grounded in the core of Ai and machine learning, helping you adapt to rapidly changing technologies.

AiE™ is the most powerful qualification in Ai today because it builds you for a future that comes too soon. Demonstrating your readiness for developing Ai applications and designing Ai-based solutions for the complete range of use-cases and user-industries, AiE™ creates opportunities for faster career growth and more challenging projects and roles for you.

The AiE™ certification journey grounds you thoroughly on the DevOps and programming tools and platforms of data modeling, NLP, machine learning, computer visioning, image processing, and human-computer interactions, but there is more. What makes AiE™ really more special is its emphasis on a robust, all-encompassing, and mature understanding of the core science of artificial intelligence and machine learning – a knowledge that never gets obsolete.

Certification process

The AiE™ Certification Journey

There are six distinct stages of your Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AiE™) certification journey. Here’s a quick look of what these stages look like. You may Contact Us for more information.

Artificial intelligence engineer

USD 550

(All Inclusive)

  • Check Your Candidacy

    Check here if you fulfill the minimum eligibility requirement prescribed for AiE™.

  • Create Your myARTiBA Account

    Next, you must create your myARTiBA account to start the application process. Once you have submitted the online AiE™ application and paid the fee, you will receive an acknowledgment response email with instructions for the next steps in the AiE™ registration process.

  • AiE™ Registration Confirmation

    After your AiE™ application has been accepted and you have submitted your fee payment, your AiE™ registration is deemed complete. You will receive a registration confirmation message and your myARTiBA account access will be fully activated.

  • Shipment of AiE™ Learning Material

    Within 72 hours of registration confirmation, the shipment process of the AiE™ Learning Deck containing the official ARTiBA Ai Engineer’s Handbook will be initiated to the shipping address you provided during registration. The standard delivery timeframe for physical shipments is 3-4 weeks. You must verify the shipping address mentioned on your myARTiBA dashboard and change it if you wish to within 24 hours of completing your fee payment.

  • Prepare and Schedule your Exam

    Once you are ready for the AiE™ certification exam, you can schedule for it right from your dashboard. ARTiBA gives AiE™ candidates a period of 180 days from the date of registration confirmation to pass the AiE™ certification exam.

  • Certification Award

    After successfully passing the AiE™ certification exam, you will receive the AiE™ credential and a digital badge. The digital badge will be issued immediately, while the physical AiE™ credential kit (which includes a printed AiE™ certificate, code of ethics booklet, and an AiE™ designation pin) will be sent to you via mail and should arrive within 3-4 weeks from the date of the award.

AiE™ Certification Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

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