Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AiE™)

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AI certification

Why AiE™

AiE™ certification distinguishes you as an expert Ai engineer by grounding your skills in core Ai and machine learning principles. It's the leading qualification, preparing you for a dynamic future.

AiE™ signifies your readiness to develop Ai applications and design solutions across industries, opening doors to accelerated career growth and challenging roles. The Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AiE™) certification covers DevOps, programming tools, and platforms for various applications, with a unique emphasis on a lasting understanding of the core science of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Key Program Highlights

  • 01

    Develop expertise in popular Ai & ML technologies and problem-solving methodologies.

  • 02

    Grounds you solidly in the core generics of the most advanced concepts and approaches to Ai modeling and application development.

  • 03

    Prove your capability and expertise in getting organizational data ready for Ai & ML applications.

  • 04

    Demonstrate your proficiency and ability to understand how Ai and machine learning applications can solve business challenges.

Who Should Apply

  • Work Experience

    While experience is not mandatory, a good understanding of programming is essential. A minimum of 2 years of work history in any of the computing sub-functions is required for Track 1.

  • Associate/ Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degree

    In Computer Science/ Information Technology/ any other related discipline (such as Mathematics/ Statistics etc.).

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AiE™ Learning Support

The AiE™ Learning Resources for Ai Engineers

The ARTiBA official Ai handbooks provided to candidates are structured around the AMDEX™ knowledge framework, covering all contemporary and emerging concepts and frameworks of artificial intelligence and machine learning; programming tools and languages; tools and platforms for developing Ai solution models; neural networks; natural language programming; and different types of machine learning.

The official resources provided to registered AiE™ candidates include:

  • A copy of the Ai Engineer’s Handbook
  • Practice tests for AiE™ exam on candidate's myARTiBA dashboard
  • AiE™ Candidate Guide

AiE™ Certification Process

  • 01 Check Your Candidacy
  • 02 Create Your myARTiBA Account
  • 03 AiE™ Registration Confirmation
  • 04 Shipment of AiE™ Learning Material
  • 05 Prepare and Schedule your Exam
  • 06 Certification Award

Get ahead in your career with AiE™.

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